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  • OCT

Dutch Championship Kitesurfing 2011

The weekend of October 22nd/23rd the NK Kite would be a fact. But the wind was absent! There was a lot of chilling on the beach. The pizza's of Domino's were great. On Sunday I had to ride a heat against Jonno Scholten at 10 hr. It was a pity that the public and the jury didn't have any binoculars! We were on our way to England and saved by the rescue boats. The Championship was closed with a heat between Youri Zoon and Kevin Langeree for dutch television SBS6. 
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  • AUG

Summer session 2011

After 2 weeks riding in the Kite Tour Europe, Germany and Italy, I went with my family to the South of Spain; having a nice time, doing some training and take time for relaxing in Tarifa and my favorite  spot Sotogrande.The circumstances were super chill. We did a lot of filming and I just put my video on You Tube.
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  • JUL

KTE Italy (Lamezia)

After a long trip, all the way from Sylt, Germany to Lamezia, south of Italy, in 3 days, we arrived in Lamezia.
It's warm and the wind is another story than in Sylt!!
Yesterday was registration day.
Today they started with course racing.
After this, freestyle started. The wind left and it was very difficult to perform in my heat. After my heat they canceled the game...Let's see what tomorrow will bring!
The other days were the same. Apparantly the wind in Lamezia is an thermical wind, every day during 2 to 3 hours, it builds up when it is very hot. During windy times we went with several kiters to do trainings sessions and for me that was great and I learned a lot. 
In the end they couldn't finish the contest; there was no wind left for the finals! But for me it was a great experinece!
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  • JUL

KTE Germany (Sylt)

The Kite Tour Europe begins June 28th in Sylt, Germany. It is my first europese game. It is very crowded and the circumstances are great.Op 28 juni begint de Kite Tour Europe in Sylt.
It is the World Tour for Courseriding and Europese Tour for Freestyle.
July 1st we ride the Freestyle. There is lots of wind and the waves are high. Overall I ended up 9th!! This makes me very proud. 
In the last heat I was passed by Luke Whitesite.
It was a great experience to join this stop of the KTE in Sylt, with all the big icons and to chill on the beach and train our tricks together.
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